• This tournament is approved by USA Hockey.
  • All USA Hockey rules apply.
  • For teams outside the USA, the tournament will require an official executed travel permit from Hockey Quebec (Canada).
  • The roster submitted at initial sign-up is the eligible roster of players for the tournament, unless otherwise approved by tournament management.
  • All players are to be 2005-2006-2007 birth year unless otherwise approved by tournament management.
  • Fighting is prohibited. If a player fights they may be dismissed at the discretion of tournament management and referees.
  • Penalties: Minor 2:00 minutes, Major 5:00, Misconduct 10:00
  • All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time.
  • If a team is late getting on the ice for warm ups they can be assessed a 1:30 for delaying the game.
  • Ice cut at the end of every game.
  • Mercy Rule—running time if goal differential is 6.
  • During preliminary rounds the home and visitor teams are determined by schedule. For all other rounds the home team is the team with the best record is home.
  • Jersey Colors—Home team will wear dark color, Away team will wear light color jersey.
  • Per USA Hockey regulations this is a checking event and all rules are to be followed.
  • All players are to wear proper mouth guards for this event (Rule 304F). Note: There are exceptions for Canadian groups, but they MUST follow their rules.
  • Icing- Teams SHOULD NOT ice the puck while on the penalty kill. If they do the face off is back in their defensive zone. NOTE: No penalties given for icing.      


Game Play


  • 3 Fifteen minute periods
  • 3 minute warm-up before each game.
  • Round Robin(play down) games will be scored with
  • 2 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
  • 0 points for a loss.
  • Standings and Playoff Seeds will be determined by:
  • Most Points
  • Head to Head(this will only be considered if all teams involved have played each other)
  • Goal differential (total goals for - total goals against)
  • Least goals against overall
  • Coin Flip

Playoff Rules

  • Semi-Final and Final games will be three 15-minute stopped time periods
  • Each team will be allowed (1) :30 second timeout in playoff games only
  • If playoff game is tied after regulation, we will go to Overtime/Shootout



  • Teams will skate 3v3
  • Duration of OT will be (1) 5-minute sudden death period
  • If a team is assessed a penalty; teams will skate 4v3
  • If there is no winner during the overtime period, a shootout will determine the game winner
  • Shootouts will be 5 players as designated by each coach
  • Home team will have choice of shooting first or second
  • If still tied after first 5 rounds, in turn, shootout will go player by player until a winner is determined.
  • All players must take part in the shootout before a player can shoot again
  • A player serving a penalty at the end of OT cannot take part in shootout


Saturday Afternoon-Sunday Playoff format



  • Tournament management will not be responsible for any injury to all teams and the teams’ members and supporters. This includes arena(s), school property, hotels, and anywhere else teams and supporters travel throughout the weekend.
  • The Eastern Exposure Cup Agreement shall be executed-acknowledged prior to the start of the tournament. Failure to sign release form results in removal from tournament.
  • Tournament management will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Locker rooms and all areas of the arena and property are to be left in spotless condition.
    Failure to abide by this can result in dismissal of the tournament. If you see an area in poor condition, please bring it to the attention of tournament management promptly.
  • Tournament personnel and team representatives ONLY are allowed on the bench and in locker room areas. NO PARENTS.
  • A refund for the tournament, for any reason, is solely at the sole discretion of tournament management. There is no refund guarantee for any circumstances.
  • If there is a delay due to weather, power outage or rink issues, the tournament and it's management is not responsible for any additional travel, expenses or time associated with this event for any of the tournament teams.
  • Tournament management however reserves the right to change the schedule and rink location if needed.  These changes will be relayed as promptly as possible.
  • Tournament management cannot and will not change any ruling made by an on ice official.
  • Information including live, updated scores and standings can be found on the tournament website.
  • Tournament management has the right to make any decision about this tournament and its rules not on this document. This will be done without appeal.
  • We will be using game sheets for the tournament. Teams are required to provide 18 game sheet stickers. 
  • Eastern Exposure Hockey will provide warm-up and game pucks for this event.


Photo/Video/Social Media Consent

By allowing your program to play in the Eastern Exposure Cup and officially acknowledging the rules and regulations for this event your entire team (s) give consent for photographs to be taken, video allowed to be recorded of all activities related to the Eastern Exposure Cup. During tournament games, Skills and tournament gatherings. Eastern Exposure Hockey Group has the right to use all media assets collected for publicity purposes: on the Eastern Exposure website, in brochures and flyers and news releases, Social media posts and presentations to future prospective program participants. By signing Eastern Exposure Hockey Groups consent form at registration you shall understand that you will receive no compensation for such uses. We retain the right to have any photographs discontinued from use in any or all of Eastern Exposure Hockey Groups venues upon request, and if, at any time, you wish photograph(s) to be discontinued from any of the above, it is your programs responsibility to contact the tournament director Matt Miles 802-595-0860 or to make this request.

As a group you must confirm and understand all of the items in this document and ensure every program member and participant understands the same.   


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